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Affirmation cards for kids

I love your whole range Chantal.
What you are doing is changing people’s lives.
There was a time where I didn’t really believe or understand mental health until I lost 4 family members in 5 months in 2019 and my mental health suffered terribly and it affected my beautiful family as well because as you know Mum is always there and holds everything together.
You are amazing and as you know I love E**** but L**** has a piece of my heart.
I knew the first time I met you there was something special about you and I wasn’t wrong.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I am so sorry for your loss

Stress and Anxiety

I love these cards they are simple and beautiful . I pick of card every morning and it starts my morning off positively the perfect cards for stressful time.

F*#ing Brilliant

I gave a set of these cards to my sister who was going through a tough time, and she couldn't stop laughing. She's got them displayed on her desk at work. They really helped lift her spirits and begin to take a realistic, positive self-talk focus, look at her situation. Thank you Mumma. I'm recommending your business to others (and your packaging is sublime). Thanks again!

Excellent read with so many points of view. Well worth purchasing.

Affirmation cards

The were even better than I expected. Excellent customer service and product.

Beautiful cards

Beautiful affirmation cards for kids. Lovely bright colours and some great messages. Very happy with them!

Great Cards!

Purchased two packs for my partner and brother and they really like them. A bit funny and some great affirmations.

Affirmation Cards for Kids
Heather Theodoulou
Affirmation cards

Beautiful cards , simply to the pint affirmations ❤️

Wonderful Gift

I purchased these affirmation cards as a fun gift for a friend. They arrived absolutely beautifully packaged, I didn’t need to add any gift wrap.

Thank you Chantal!!

Affirmation cards

Beautiful cards thank ❤️Love illustrations simple and gorgeous . Thank you so much ❤️

Great cards

I bought these cards for my son (in his 30s) as a pick me up. He had had a stint in hospital with a serious condition and was feeling a bit down. These cards made him laugh. He puts one card on the fridge at a time to support what he feels he needs now that he is home. I am very happy with the cards.
The only downfall was Australia Post. I asked for Express delivery and it took 4+ days to be delivered.

Such perfect irreverent affirmation

Right up my ally. I love these cards as they make me smile and help break my mood.

Love these!

Got them as a gift for a colleague. Goes down super well with teachers. They look so nice and well made in person and the order even included a nice card and a bonus gift. Definitely recommend!

Exactly what I needed!

I’ve been wanting something brightly coloured to sit on my desk that will draw my eyes easily. These cards fit the bill perfectly. The added sass lifts my spirits even more when things are tough!

Awesome cards

They were well presented and even contained a small thank you gift. Would definitely purchase from here again.

These cards a beautiful and the detail/ love /care and unexpected extra gifts gone into the packaging was just stunning. These cards will help me each down to stay grounded and present. Thank you Chantal xx

Thanks love them

As a mother of Teenagers stress and anxiety are an every day assurance, whether its school work, friends, family, negative self talk. I found these cards as a simple easy redirection. We have made them part of the drive to school everyone gets to choose and they can read it aloud or to themselves. They are strong simple messages with calming illustrations. Thanks Mindful Mummas designs.

Kids affirmation cards

Beautifully done .
Empowering words for our little ones .
Packaging was extra special xx it's the small touches that make the difference.

Wall Prints
Camille R
Great design!

I have hung this in my daughters bedroom. It's a great addition that reminds them of their potential.

Useful teaching tool

My daughters love these affirmation cards. It has become part of out bedtime routine. The affirmation then becomes a focus for the next day. If I forgot to do the cards they always remind me. It's such a great way to discuss problems that might arise or how they can use the affirmations in their daily lives. I am so glad that I have these affirmation cards!!

Self love for kids!

My kids absolutely love these cards! They are so beautiful and colourful! Highly recommend for any child as it teaches them self love and self worth!

Stress and Anxiety Cards

I absolutely love these cards! So good just to read a few each morning and gets your in a good headspace for the day whatever it may throw!

Highly recommend!

Stress and anxiety

Such a wonderful way to manifect some positivity. Especially during difficult times these cards are the perfect subtle way to help our kids change their thoughts and help get through their stress and anxiety. We found them very helpful and would recommend very highly.


Such beautiful cards and couldn't have come at a better time. The colours and illustrations are stunning and so easy for kids to read and commect with. My daughter is 7 and she was so excited and thrilled to receive them. She has turned it into her daily ritual every morning and I have noticed a huge change in her outlook since using Mindful Mumma Designs cards. Highly recommended.

Teaching kids self love

Self love is an inside job but for kids visual reminders and conversations are essential! This is why I love using affirmation cards with my girls each day as part of our routine!

My girls love the colours, illustrations and bright happy images.

We highly recommend them!