About Me

The past holds no power over me. 

Hi, I’m Chantal, you wouldn’t know by looking at me but I’ve had mental health challenges most of my life. That’s the thing with mental health it lives on the inside of all of us, life is a joy but sometimes it’s a struggle. 

After having kids, my mental health declined and then I also noticed my son displayed the same issues with his emotions and thinking. I knew that I needed to make a change and I discovered the power of daily affirmations and the positive impact that they have on our mindset. 

Adding affirmations into our daily routines helped change the negative thought patterns that we so often found ourselves in. I became more hopeful, confident and positive. My son's self-esteem increased and he started stepping out of his comfort zone more frequently. Our mental health became more manageable. 

If you are struggling and looking for a way to add more positivity to your daily life, or have a friend or family member who needs this, feel free to get in contact or head to the shop page

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