helping to reduce the stigma around mental health

Our Story

Hi, I'm Chantal, the soul behind Mindful Mumma Designs - a safe haven for anyone seeking positivity and mental wellness through beautifully designed affirmation cards. I’m living proof that incorporating positive affirmations into your daily life can help you overcome challenges.

My journey started when my son was 12 months old, and I was diagnosed with anxiety. My life has been a roller coaster of mental health struggles, but through using affirmation cards with my son, who also showed signs of anxiety, I found hope and purpose.

Why choose Mindful Mumma Designs for your affirmation cards?

I founded Mindful Mumma Designs driven by the belief that no one should feel alone in their mental health struggles. I wanted to create tools that would help families open up conversations about mental health and self-image, while actively encouraging positivity.

And I am proud to share some achievements along the way…

🌟 We were honoured as a Gold Winner for Best Advocate for Mental Health in 2022.

🌟 I became a co-author of Goodbye Busy Hello Happy.

🌟 Mindful Mumma Designs was a finalist for E-commerce Business of the Year.

We take pride in using only Australian-made products, supporting Australian-owned companies, and taking a green approach by utilizing environmentally friendly materials for packaging and delivery. Our passionate team is committed to excellence and detail, ensuring you receive top-quality products.

Starting with just an idea and a lot of heart, Mindful Mumma Designs has blossomed into an incredible community of like-minded individuals seeking to embrace positivity and mental wellness. Come join us and experience the support and love!

We believe in empowering individuals and families to discuss mental health openly, without judgment. Our affirmation cards serve as a catalyst for acceptance, love, and positive change, whether you’re an overwhelmed parent or someone battling mental health issues.

Thank you for entrusting Mindful Mumma Designs in your journey towards self-love, positivity, and mental well-being. Together, let’s change the narrative around mental health!

Our Mission

At Mindful Mumma Designs, our mission is to empower individuals in their journey towards mental well-being through thoughtfully designed affirmation tools. We aim to inspire positivity, self-love, and personal growth, fostering a community that openly discusses and prioritizes mental health.

Kids affirmation cards splayed out in a young girls hands
Young girl holding an affirmation card that says I am perfect the way I am
Positivity, empowerment and sustainability core values
Benefits of using


  • Improved Self-Esteem: Boost confidence and self-acceptance through positive statements.
  • Stress Reduction: Use affirmations as self-assurance to ease anxiety and gain control.
  • Enhanced Positive Thinking: Swap negative thoughts with affirmations to cultivate optimism.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Maintain positivity with affirmations for creative, efficient solutions.
  • Encourages Emotional Regulation: Manage emotions through positive self-talk for balanced responses.
positive benefits from using affirmation cards