How do you start your day with your little one?

We’ve noticed since introducing positive affirmations and gratitude into our morning routine, that our children are a little bit more resilient, a little bit kinder, a little more patient, a little more open to new things. The nervousness they displayed is diminished. 

In adding this practice to our day, I was inspired to create affirmation cards for my own kids, and for other parents to help their children develop a strong and healthy mindset, resilience and bravery. 

Whether your child is 3 or 13, it’s important that they are building a strong mindset, we all know how tough it can be out there in the big wide world, and some little “harmless” comments can stay with us for years. 

Building resilience at a young age can help minimise anxiety, and set them up for success in their future. 

Have you ever practiced gratitude with your children? 

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